HeShEu - Health Shield for Europe

The Health Shield for Europe is Global Health Project that was initiated and is managed by the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria (headed by Dr. Solomon Passy).

Based on the 30-year experience of www.Atlantic-Club.org in triggering pan-European security policies and implementing innovative solutions (including in cooperation with the EC) the club took this call of duty to suggest to the EC preventive measures to reduce the future risks of repeating pandemics in Europe such as with another virus or likewise pathogen.

The project focuses on urgent need to adopt new common EU sanitary and human health protection policy to reducing the risk from future repetition of new epidemics. HeShEu suggest that it is implemented in close synergy with NATO and is meant to evolve in the long run as a global one.

HeShEu aims to reinforce the EU’s sanitary and human health protection policy in line with UNHRC Resolution while at the same time adopting policy to regulate the circulation and exchange of people, goods and businesses with risky zones.

Just as at the time when the world emerged out of the ashes of WWII, we need to exit this current crisis with lessons learned and measures taken to avoid future crises.

We look forward to work with you all in the future.

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