The Responsibility to Care Initiative

“A Call to Reflect on the Global Response to Ebola & Other Pandemics”


The first case of Ebola was detected in Sudan in 1976 and The World Health Organization (WHO) investigators reported observing direct person-to-person transmission of EBO-S through six generations of EHF cases. This happened almost 50 years ago but the World is still not fully ready to fight or to respond to Ebola and other diseases.

The Responsibility to Care Initiative was created in order to raise awareness and to reflect on the global response to Ebola & other pandemics as well as to campaign for a sense of responsibility around the World, which is currently threatened by Ebola, the Corona Virus and other fatal pandemic diseases.

The IPAHP believes, that responsible behavior and a comprehensive dissemination of information can assist people of the world in organizing themselves and prompting decision makers to undertake concrete measures that can guarantee the safety of nations.